As the term suggest, Mobile Application Development is merely the process through which various applications are being developed to make them suitable for mobile devices. With each passing year, their importance is gradually increasing. No doubt, it is vital for every developer to stay aware of the latest trends prevailing in the market. Listed below are top 7 trends expected to rule this year.

IoT And Integration Of Mobile App

Various enterprises dealing with payments, automotive, health care, as well as, energy are expected to experiment and make more use of IoT or Internet of Things devices.  With that, the demand of adopting a platform for complete mobile integration will also rise. Not only will these platforms modernise the back-end infrastructure of the enterprise but will also make data available to almost all devices.

Hybrid HTML5

Though some developers prefer mobile apps that are native, the momentum gained by the hybrid HTML5 is only expected to enhance with the consumer apps and within the enterprise. The hybrid HTML5 might by the end of this year become the most preferred choice for majority of the enterprise use cases.

Data Visualisation And IoT

The IoT is expected to challenge enterprises to find effective solutions to make visualising larger and complex data sets easy. Not only will the requirement of visualising the incoming data enhance, but so will increase the demand of organising the data from the devices connected with the aid of MND (Multiple Nested Dashboard). This would allow to fasten the method of decision-making, whether it is a real-time action, strategic analysis, or reporting.

Wearable Tech

This year social media and mobile will integrate into the CRM platforms. According to a recent research, about 40% of the organisations dealing with sales will primarily depend on mobile app technology to make the sales initiatives automated. The main reason might be an increase in the number of people focusing on wearable mobile technology. If you are an app developer or planning to become one, make sure to undergo a mobile application development training institute in Kolkata to stay updated with the latest trends.

Consolidation of Mobile App Market

Numerous point vendors offer software that states the various areas of mobile application development. It is predicted that majority of them might either be acquired or go out of business in 2016. Though the outcome will decrease, but the platforms will be of higher quality and more robust. This will definitely be an added advantage for the enterprise and help them to build a more functional app.

Why Stay Updated?

If surveys are to be believed, there are more than two billion people using Smartphone all over the world. Various mobile technologies emerging in the market like tablets, smartphone, environmental sensors, and wearable are only fuelling the tech revolution since the Internet and PC have been created. All these are highly responsible for reshaping the world we live in, and so will reshape the future of all the mobile app developers.

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