What is On-Page SEO?

LENSEL Academy introduces training sessions on On-Page SEO – the most vital part of an entire Search Engine Optimization stratagem. It is about all the things you can do on your website to earn it a rank. This includes working on page titles, meta tags, meta descriptions, internal linking, and more. It is the foremost part of any SEO campaign, which defines the overall game plan. On-Page SEO is a mixture of simple and intricate techniques to get a website its desired rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). At LENSEL Academy, we help you through the seo training course right from the basics to the more advanced aspects. Each lesson is absolutely result-oriented and compliant with the latest norms of search engine algorithm and the relevant industry standards.
on page seo training

What Are The Benefits of On-Page SEO?

  • It is useful in getting the highest possible local results for websites.
  • It is a gateway to enhance your skill to go for advanced technical SEO.
  • It is a powerful online marketing tool and relatively inexpensive.
  • Compared to linking building, it offers more permanent results.
  • The techniques are controllable and hence, time saving.
  • It further defines User Experience and helps in better conversion.
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) is improved.

Why Should We Do It?

If you are an SEO professional, On-Page SEO is something you must be well-versed in. No matter how hard you work on the Off-Page aspect of SEO, you cannot do without executing On-Page SEO. In fact, most Search Engine Optimization projects suffer because the professionals lack a thorough knowledge in the field. Apart from effective off-page SEO, professionals should hone their skills in On-Page SEO for their own good. Enhanced skills give them the competence to land their dream jobs. So, if you are a professional in this field and wish to make a mark in the industry, this is just the training session you need, to walk towards success. So, let’s begin your training at LENSEL Academy.

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Individuals who want to have a career in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Freelancers who want to work from home on SEO projects.
  • Professionals in the IT Sector, especially programmers, graphic designers, web developers and web designers.
  • Bloggers, copywriters and content developers.
  • Off-page optimizers and inbound marketers.
  • Digital Marketing strategists and affiliate marketers for small business SEO improvement.
  • Entrepreneurs, businessmen, and webmasters.

What Are The Prerequisites?

A basic knowledge of HTML is required to learn On-Page SEO. However, this is not mandatory. You can learn it while you undergo the training session.

Why Choose LENSEL Academy For On-Page SEO Training?

  1. Lessons are imparted by experienced SEO professionals.
  2. Only authentic and ethical training procedures are followed.
  3. Lessons comply with the search guidelines set by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major Search Engines.
  4. The course has been designed to meet industry requisites and the need of next-gen job seekers.
  5. 360-degree knowledge is provided – fundamentals through to advanced On-Page SEO
  6. Hands-on training is provided for theoretical knowledge to make more sense.
  7. Students shall be provided with the chance to work on live projects.
  8. The course fee is absolutely affordable.
  9. LENSEL Academy is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and hence trustful.
  10. Regular student assessment will be done through tests and assignments.
  11. 100% placement assistance is provided.
  12. Provision of weekend batches is available.

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