Magento Training in Kolkata

Lensel Academy is trusted and best for Magento Training in Kolkata for those who wants to make career in Magento development.

Magento Training at LENSEL Academy

Want to create an eCommerce website that readily connects with buyers? Magento is the platform to reckon. Clue up on it today and develop stunning online shopping sites tomorrow.

Why Web Developers Should Learn Magento?

Magento Training in Kolkata

Magento is largely used in website development, especially for creating eCommerce websites. This open source software lets developers add themes and modules that are helpful for online shopping platforms. The solutions are very much flexible, scalable and directed at business ROI. In fact, Magento is counted amongst the most powerful and fastest growing eCommerce solutions of present times. Millions of websites are using it owing to facilities like payment and shipping integration, layered navigation, easy digital shopping cart addition, and customer dashboard. It allows multiple themes, views, catalogues and stores, is highly secure and module-based, and minifies CSS-JS. Web development companies worldwide look for professionals who are skilled in Magento. With this knowledge, you surely would have the edge over your peers.

Understanding Magento with LENSEL Academy

At LENSEL Academy, we teach you how to successfully install, configure, and implement eCommerce websites using Magento. During the course, you will learn how to add products to e-stores, set up methods for shipment and delivery, manage promotional stuff like coupon codes, install themes, secure payment gateways, and more. The course content complies with the industry standards and is very much placement-friendly. Towards the end of the training program, you will have the confidence to apply Magento for industrial as well as commercial purposes. This training is for every business role pertaining to eCommerce, including designing, developing, marketing, and more. Learn how to make use of the power of Magento to its full potential, only at LENSEL Academy.

Magento Training Courses in Kolkata

Course Details

  • Duration: 30 hours.
  • Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Magento – Installation

Module 2: Attributes of Magento

Module 3: Configure Magento Webstore

Module 4: Magento Products

Module 5: Magento Products Import

Module 6: Magento Quantity

Module 7: Magento Categories

Module 8: Magento Special Prices

Module 9: Magento Orders

Module 10: Magento Theme Installation and Customisation

Module 11: CMS Pages in Magento

Module 12: Magento SSL

Module 13: Magento Customer Management

Module 14: Magento Modules – Shipping and Payment

Module 15: Magento Issues

Module 16: Magento Newsletter

Module 17: Magento Widgets

Module 18: SEO for Magento

Module 19: Google Analytics for Magento

Module 20: Move Magento

Module 21: Shipping and Payment methods in Magento

Module 22: Common issues with importing/exporting

Module 23: Live Project Execution

Who Should Attend This Course?

At LENSEL Academy, we consider this course ideal for people who wish to pursue a career in mobile app development, especially pertaining to the Android platform. The course is also recommended for the following professionals:

  • Freshers who want to pursue a career in web design and development
  • Professional web designers and developers working on eCommerce websites
  • Professionals who are well versed with PHP and MySQL
  • Owners of eCommerce websites

Why LENSEL Academy?

  • 100% assistance in placement
  • Live execution of project
  • Affordable training program
  • Guidance from industry experts
  • Weekend batches for professionals

If you are wholeheartedly building eCommerce websites, you should be well-versed in Magento. Let you preparation begin at LENSEL Academy.