PL/SQL Training in Kolkata

Lensel Academy is reliable and best for PL/SQL Training in Kolkata for those who wants to make career in oracle pl/sql.

Oracle PL/SQL Training at LENSEL Academy

If you are addicted to Oracle databases, PL/SQL is a programming language you should familiarise yourself with today.

Why You Need To Learn PL/SQL

PL/SQL is SQL combined with procedural features of programming languages. Those working with Oracle databases should have a strong grasp over it as PL/SQL is a key programming language embedded in these structured setups along with SQL and Java. The use of PL/SQL server and the processing of PL/SQL statements in relevant activities is inevitable. It is considered as a fast, efficient, and intelligent solution to perform data manipulation. For organisations dealing with Oracle databases, employees trained in this programming language are most welcome.

Enrol With LENSEL Academy to Understand PL/SQL

PL/SQL Training in Kolkata

Our comprehensive tutorial teaches students the essence of PL/SQL in database programming. Each lesson is guided with coding examples – both theoretical and practical and imparted by knowledgeable, certified professionals. The syllabus is placement-focused and includes basic as well as advanced level course content. It suits a student’s requirements in achieving his career goal and meets the industry demands too. The best part is, the training program ends with a module pertaining to live project execution, wherein students will be able to carry out domestic or international PL/SQL projects under the guidance of an expert from our unit.

Course Details

  • Duration: 40 hours.
  • Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Oracle PL/SQL

Module 2: Variables and Writing Executable Statements

Module 3: Understanding Oracle Server

Module 4: What are Control Structures

Module 5: Composite Data Types

Module 6: Explicit Cursors

Module 7: Advanced Explicit Cursor Concepts

Module 8: Error Checking and Exception Handling

Module 9: Boolean Logic in PL/SQL

Module 10: Procedures, Functions, and Subprograms

Module 11: Oracle Supplied Packages

Module 12: Insight into Large Objects

Module 13: What are Dependencies?

Module 14: Creating Programs and Managing Databases

Module 15: Creating Triggers

Module 16: Live Project Execution

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Professionals working with Oracle 11g databases
  • Individuals aspiring to become Oracle Clinical Programmers
  • Individuals aspiring to become Database Administrators

Why LENSEL Academy?

  • Get 100% assistance in placement.
  • Learn under the guidance of expert professionals.
  • The course content is as per industry standards.
  • We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation.
  • LENSEL Academy is an Oracle Gold Partner.
  • There’s room for weekend batches for professionals.
  • The course fee is very much affordable.

Thinking about turning into a PL/SQL pro? Enrol with LENSEL Academy today.