Web Designing Training in Kolkata

Lensel Academy is leading and trusted choice for website designing training in Kolkata for those candidates who loves to design or thinking the innovative ideas to create a website.

Web Design Training at LENSEL Academy

Got a knack for designing stunning and utilitarian websites? If you have the vocation, you should definitely be in the field of web designing.

Why Become A Web Designer?

Web Designing Training KolkataIn this Internet-frenzied digital era, businesses cannot do without an online presence, especially, a website. It is a window to reach out to potential clients, and helps in customer conversion. The growing demand of grand, interactive websites is being met by hiring trained professionals in this line of work. Interestingly, in our country, web designers are in plenty, but good web designers are not.

How Can LENSEL Academy Help?

This is where LENSEL Academy’s web designing course could help. It has been designed keeping in mind the current requirements of the industry. Students and professionals undertaking it could emerge polished, skilled, and adept to compete in the relevant job sector. Should you be a person with an artistic sense of mind who loves to blend work with technology, web designing is for you. Make the most of a training opportunity at LENSEL Academy. If you have the flair, we have the facility.

Website Design Course in Kolkata

Course Details

  • Duration: 80 hours.
  • Modules:

Module 1: HTML

Introduction to HTML, Tags, Table and Div, DOCTYPE, Elements, Attributes, Forms, Events, Input, iframe, HTML Page Structure, Webpage coding using HTML, W3C validation, and browser compatibility, URL and IP address

Module 2: CSS

Properties, Value, Syntax, Comments, menu creation, theme creation, database connection,

Module 3: JQuery

Implementing JQuery in websites, creating Accordion, Carousel, and Image Slider, Styling, Hover and Click Effects, Functions and Events, Form Validation

Module 4: JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript, implementing JavaScript in web designing, and form validation

Module 5: PhotoShop

PhotoShop basics, editing images for websites, layers, filters, Lasso tool, Magic Wand tool, Pen tool, Rectangle tool, cropping, colour, gradient

Module 6: CorelDRAW

Basic elements for creating web header, flow and exploding elements, web button, web frame, worksheet, powerclip,

Module 7: Adobe Illustrator

Logo designing with Adobe Illustrator, vector artwork, typography design, Bézier points, curves, strokes, fills, paths, brushes, symbols, effects tool, pencil tool

Module 8: Live Project Development

On successful completion of the course, a student will be assigned to a Live Website Designing project (domestic or international). The student will have to execute the project under the guidance of a senior website designer from our unit.

Who All Can Attend The Course?

  • Students who wish to pursue a full-time career in website designing.
  • Freelancers who want to work from home during their free time on website designing.
  • Individuals who are interested in PhotoShop and Graphic Designing.
  • Professional websites developers and application creators.
  • Search Engine professionals who want to tweak a website for better ranking.

What Is Special About Our Web Designing Course?

  • An absolutely job-oriented program.
  • Designed according to the demands of the IT industry.
  • Covers various areas of knowledge of the field.
  • Live project execution (domestic and international)

Why Choose LENSEL Academy?

  • Lessons imparted by experienced tutors and web designers.
  • Industry-standard course content.
  • Facilities for learning from scratch.
  • Weekend batches for professionals.
  • Affordable course fee.
  • 100% placement assistance post training.

Want to train yourself for a glorious career in web design? Enrol with LENSEL Academy today. To know more about website design training in Kolkata, you may call +91 90 7333 9700 or contact us.