Inside every person lies a set of unique traits which has the potential of defining his career. One just needs to find them and hone them. And if you talk about digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, here are seven traits that tell you, you belong to this line of work:

  • You are an avid reader as well as writer.
  • You are a faithful ‘digital resident.’
  • You are interested in how content curation is done.
  • Website designing and the subsequent feeding of content excites you.
  • You are always aware of the latest Google algorithm updates.
  • You love analysing data and know a good amount of coding.
  • You’re following people like Matt Cutts and Neil Patel everywhere.

Now, being a Search Engine Optimiser is perhaps the best career for people of this generation, because it is largely about leveraging the digital world for business. However, the challenge lies in the dynamism of the industry.
You have to be forever vigilant for new changes. Your knowledge cannot be stagnant; you have to keep on updating it. Most of all, you have to upgrade your skills every now and then. This is because the tactics to rank a website, drive traffic to it, engage users on it, and work towards customer conversion are ever evolving.
There is no one-size-fits-all formula. In fact, sometimes, you have to create your own formula. And for this to happen, you have to be thorough with the basics of Search Engine, Keyword Research, Link Building, Content Development, and the aspects relevant to SEO.
So, have you trained yourself yet?

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